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Lee Moy Shan

小念頭 改造命運 心想事成


誠是真誠,真誠是一切生命的真心本性. 明是智慧,這種智慧也是我們本具,不是外來的,一個人如果能用真心本性處世,就稱为聖人,由此可知,聖與常人的差別,在於用心不同,聖用真心處事待人接物,我們則用妄心,真心纯善,現在為什麽不是聖,因我們現在不用真心,用妄心.妄心就是虛情假意心造無量無邊的罪業,用真心,這是無量的功德,世間人求福,多半不知道福是從真心流露的,一切災禍都是妄心變現的,詠春學問的目的,就是教導我們捨妄心用真心,心就是念頭,這是基本的道理,所以開拳第一堂課叫小念頭,要我們認識心的道理,先種心法在心頭,要我們每天注意念頭的變化,誡妄心全真心.是我們學習詠春入門的重要心法,並不是拳名這麽間單.

我們動一個善念,利益別人,利益社會,利益眾生, 報果是福,我們動一個惡念,損人利己,報是凶,是災禍,一個人一生的吉凶禍福是自己起心動念,言語造作的報,所以[說命由我作].真正明白的人,他在一生當中,無論遭遇什麽不善環境,決不怨天尤人,反過來怪自已造作不善,才受這種苦,明瞭之後,福要自己去求,怎麼求法? 多用真心與真誠,改造命運,這就是小念頭無限無盡的法門.



Siu Nim Tao
A way to reevaluate your fate, to accomplish your anticipations.

The ways of life: sincerity and understanding

          Sincerity is true faith, true faith marks the beginnings of all life. Understanding is wisdom, understanding of the purpose of our existence, and how to handle it. We all possess wisdom within, it is not alien, it is naturally there all from the beginning. If a person can handle his life time pursuing true faith, he is not too far from being a saint, the saint differs from ordinary people because they can apply their ultimate faith towards their way of living, while ordinary people like us are usually tempted by the fake heart, when we deceive others, we are actually deceiving ourselves. The true heart spells pure compassion, fewer of us were able to apply the true heart, most times we’re obsessed by the image of material life, greed, jealousy, and in the process of the pursuit for the non-existing, we tend to commit sins, which in turn will create frustration, confusion. The sins build up one on top of the other, like dust on the mirror, the longer it takes to clean it, the harder it is to see the true reflection in the mirror. The main teaching of Ving Tsun is to let us have a chance to detect and balance our mind and heart in the most objective and fair manner, we could deceive our own, but Ving Tsun serves to remind the deceiving heart if our acts are fair to ourselves, not to mention being fair to others. It teaches us to desert the greedy mind and start to explore our true heart, which is the Little Imagination (Siu Nim Tao), or to say, the very beginning “seed of thoughts”, to be developed properly and prepare for the path of life, to catch it back when it goes too far to reach for, and to balance it before tipping over. It is a very important chapter in the process of our studying and advancement of martial arts, besides the physical practices of offense and defense, it is a complete set of philosophy hidden within that serves as a check and balance reminder, however, if you have the genuine nature you can understand the essence of the meanings within easily. It is very important for us to learn Ving Tsun thought the ways of our heart (Sum Faat). Siu Nim Tao is not just the name of our Ving Tsun first form.

          For every thought we will generate, which could eventually evaluate into a deed, should start from a considerate, contributive objective to others, to the majority and the society, such thought and deed shall be rewarded in a way, as planting some trees and it will become a forest. On the contrast, the consequences can be punishing, this is true for even a very minor deed, if it is not this time, it will be another time, the network is so precise that by the time you forget about it, it comes back to you. There is no way you can escape from it. There is no use to shift the blame to any others if it is all originated from you, start to look at all beginnings and results in this manner and one can easily know more about life and how to avoid many mistakes, the more you look into this and understanding the logic, the better you can change your attitude towards life, life is a duration, a process, the many choices are all up to you. Siu Nim Tao is an endless opportunity to explore yourself, it is a magnificent tool for tuning your life style.

Douglas Lee Moy Shan
New York

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